Paralegal Services

For law firms and pro se clients commanding nothing less than procedural expertise.

For legal professionals:

* Motions and briefs
* Written discovery
* Case investigations
* Witness interviews
* Exhibit preparation
* Interviewing witnesses
* Electronic court filing
* Trial preparation

For pro se clients:
* Uncontested divorces
* Child support modifications
* Preparing small claims documents
* Research

Be advised: We do not present legal advice or conclusions. Our services highlight procedural knowledge. For legal advice and opinions, you must consult an attorney.

Expert paralegal services in Oklahoma

Our legal support team offers services for law firms and pro se clients in Oklahoma. We offer a personalized approach, ensuring high quality services. These services mainly involve procedural expertise and knowledge.

For law firms, we deal with paralegal aspects, including motions and briefs, written discovery, case investigations, case investigations, exhibit preparation, interviewing witnesses, electronic court filing and trial preparation. For pro se clients, our services include research, child support modifications, preparing small claims documents and uncontested divorces in Oklahoma.

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